Research in acoustics at La Salle R&D involves several topics and is basically organized in three strategic lines.  The first one focuses on experimental and numerical vibroacoustics, with special emphasis on noise and vibration transmission path analysis (TPA). The application of graph theory to noise and vibration control in statistical energy analysis (SEA), finite element (FEM) and hybrid models, or the development of new experimental SEA and TPA methods are among our research topics. The second line is devoted to FEM methods applied to computational acoustics (CA) and aeroacoustics (CAA). We aim at simulating several aspects of the complex physics of voice. Our third research line deals with the design of new devices for applied acoustics, based on ultrasound parametric array technology. Though structured in this way, our research is not strictly bounded to these topics and some recent advances have also been made, for instance, in recognition of soundscapes and environmental sounds. 

AcousticsOriol Guaschoguasch@salle.url.edu