The communications research line of La Salle R&D involves both the analytic work and the applied knowledge activities in practical applications mainly regarding multicarrier and spread spectrum techniques and systems.

The first sub-line, i.e., multicarrier and spread-spectrum systems, includes the research fields of wideband modulations for hostile channels, in particular the ionospheric and the power line channel; the study and mitigation of the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) effects on multicarrier modulation performance; and cross-layer techniques for adaptive modulation and coding schemes as well as scheduling and radio resource allocation techniques for OFDM architectures. The second sub-line practically explodes the knowledge previously explained in the channel that gives the name to that sub-line: long distance high-frequency ionospheric communications.

Electronics & CommunicationsRicard Aquilueraquilue@salle.url.edu