CuentaCuentos 2.0 (Storyteller 2.0)

Company / Financial administration: 

Spanish Industry, Tourism and Trade Council Plan Avanza I+D. Subprogram Avanza Contenidos (TSI-070100-2008-19)

CuentaCuentos 2.0 is a customized multiplatform system (computer, mobile phone, and interactive TV), which allows sharing and publishing tales. These are created by users following the social web 2.0 collaboration model. The experience of storytelling is enhanced by the use of technologies, such as Internet, voice synthesis and virtual avatars. This project aims to help providing continuity and improving the art of storytelling in the current multicultural context. The avatar generation involves several processes: facial key-points extraction, appearance personalization and expressive multilingual TTS synthesis with audiovisual synchronization.

F. AlĂ­as