Technology Enhanced Learning

The members of the Grup de REcerca in Technology Enhanced Learning (GRETEL) have a vast experience in the field of group research, and in recent years they have maximized common work in almost all the activities of a research group: leadership and participation in projects at a regional, national and European level, publications in congresses and indexed journals, conference presentation, technology transfer, organization of congresses and workshops, etc.

The fundamentals of the group were conceived at the same time as the production of the online academic programs at La Salle-URL, a project led by Lluís Vicent. Lluís, along with Marc Segarra and Francesc Francesch were responsible for the technology and instructional design of these programs, which would later be incorporated into rest of the programs on campus. The first development was a learning management system (LMS), used by the entire La Salle community as well as 9 other institutions (2 of which were universities), which added new features according to their needs.

Therefore, the group was created with a strong focus on innovation, later on turning to applied research, transferring their contributions to educational programs and evaluating the quality of their results with real data.

Subsequently, the innovations needed led the group to more ambitious projects, to meet other researchers and to work together at on international scale.

At the same time, the innovative vocation of some teachers from La Salle-URL motivated them to start researching in the same fields and they later joined the group. This is the case of Xavier Canaleta, David Fonseca, Isidro Navarro and Sergi Vilagrassa, and also Agust Climent and José A. Montero, who were more involved in the research area.

It is a group formed by six Doctors and a researcher, all of them coming from the engineering and architecture field, and with a vast experience in the field of technology and education.

This group aims at cohering all the research areas in the technology for education of Campus La Salle-URL. It is the first time the group has organized a research group call, and it aspires to be an Emergent Research Group (GRE)

Group leader: Lluís Vicent Safont vicent@salleurl.edu