Research HighLights


LSInvaders was born from the willingness to explore the collaboration between human and robots. We have developed a project with the aim of unifying different types of interactions in a cooperative environment


The project is inspired by the arcade game Space Invaders. The difference between Space Invaders and LSInvaders is that the user receives the help of a robot with artificial intelligence to get over the level. There are two crafts, one is controlled by the user and the other is the robot. The aim of the game is to destroy the invaders before the user runs out of lifes. The user drives the craft with the Kinect device through corporal gestures. The user can also shoot and protect himself. The other craft is the LSMaker robot, a robot developed by La Salle Engineering School. LSMaker is a programmable robot with two motors and four wheels, an accelerometer, a USB connection and a wireless controller. We have endowed the robot with a specific behavior that helps the user to win the game in a collaborative way. The robot protects the user in extreme situations by approaching him and shooting the invaders. On the other hand, the robot detects when it is in danger and escapes from the bullets of the invaders. With this interaction the way of playing has changed. The game becomes easier with the help of the robot which participate as one more player following the three laws of robotics. This collaborative interaction could be developed in areas beyond entertainment. The way the robot acts, without being controlled, acting by himself and helping the user to make a task could be useful in many other contexts. The application we have developed is just a little demonstration of what can be done: develop applications in which autonomous robots work shoulder-to-shoulder with humans, sharing their workspace and tools, and assisting them as capable partners in a cross reality environment where physical elements get merged with the virtual world.