Mission and History

La Salle is one of the co-founding centres of the Ramon Llull University. Dedicated to educating and training for over a hundred years, La Salle has created an extensive knowledge base as a result of its educational activities (degree courses, masters and doctorates in engineering, architecture and management), research projects and activities in cooperation with the business world.

La Salle Research and Development was set up over a decade ago with the aim of transferring to companies the knowledge generated at the university. This project is linked to the Business and Engineering School and Technova Barcelona Innovation Park, enabling La Salle R&D to gain a clear, broad, first-hand overview of the business world.

Promoting the use of the ICT in the common day, providing competition to companies through the Aplied Research and the Development of new, innovating and unique solutions

To be a leading technological center in the field of Healthcare Engineering , promoting the Technology Transfer to business companies and to be a national and international renowned center for the excellence of its Research and Development.


Knowledge: 100 year history in Engineering & Technology. Today with faculties in Architecture, Business & Engineering.

People: Person team with unique cross-disciplined skills of Technology specialists and Business managers giving high added-value solutions.

Experience and Quality: 15 year track record in delivering projects to large corporations and start-up companies; 20 year track record in developing applied research projects with Universities and well-known companies. Over 100 active projects at any given time.

Technological Business Partner: Cutting edge technological knowledge, proven capability, cost effective delivery of projects and unparalleled Technology experience.