Reune-T (Virtual Meetings with Telepresence)

Company / Financial administration: 

Ministry of Science and Innovation. Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica, 2008-2011 (PPT-430000-2008-36).

Entities participating: 

La Salle R&D

The main objective of Reune-T is the creation of a collaborative virtual environment. This application allows hosting virtual meetings with a great sense of reality. Reune-T interface in several platforms, such as PC and mobile.
In Reune-T, users can create a photorealistic representation of themselves with use-to-use interface. This representation is used as the virtual avatar of the user in the collaborative environment. Moreover, the voice can be either real, captured from a microphone, or synthesized directly from text.

F. Alías