SiMCUD – Sistema Metodológico Creado con Usuarios Discapacitados

Company / Financial administration: 

“Premi Àmbit de la Discapacitat 2008” otorgado por la Fundació Agrupació Mútua.

Entities participating: 

La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull

Currently, the needs of disabled users are analysed unique and independently creating requirements for every users profile. This project will carry out a study with users of different disabilities to obtain integration requirements in a unique space (initially, we carry out a study in an adaptable web environment). The project aims to create a work space in which the users participate in the creation processes (valuing their interventions and their use experience). According to new tendencies on users experience (User Experience -UX-), these users actually are the expertes who redesign and propose solutions, they are experts on being users.

The multidisciplinary team is formed by engineers, a psichologist, a language graduate and linguist, and an arquitechture guide for the establishment of data, observations and behaviors to analyse. The working process will be carried out through research on the combination of different classic usability methodologies with new evaluation tendencies of users experience. These new techniques have had magnificent results in projects applied to private companies from the UserLab (User Experience Laboratory).

E. Villegas