Smart City Málaga

This project is fundamentally referred to a basic and simple concept extracted from a chain of energetic value, distribution. In fact, it is not possible to think in Smart City without the communion of independent network distribution and the concept of energy efficiency. However, from a conceptual perspective, the client or energetic consumer is the one who is foreground situated in the scene since in Smart City which is proposed, it will be clients or final users who are beneficiated in first term from the developed services.

In this way, the approach to the definition and the creation of a Smart City is enriched taking into account the social environment of that. In the same way that technology is indispensable to build a Smart City, social aspects, habits, manners and sensitivities of clients are essential for operation and sustainable development.

It is shown that there is a direct relationship between the electricity consumption of a country and its GDP. Therefore cannot be doubted that the electricity is equivalent to wellbeing and prosperity. As a logical and natural conclusion, this equation induces us to the necessity of increase the relationship between quality and price of electricity. That is, provide electricity to the highest quality possible and at the lowest price. Achieving this passes for inverting the present model of generation and energy consumption. The present model is based in:

- A few huge centrals which are very critical and are situated in the generation places (normally, far away from the consumption places). The critical feature of these centrals is the expensive maintenance.
- An infrastructure of transport lines of very high voltage carrying generation to consumption. This transport causes energy losses by Joule effect of approximately 5% of total energy transport.
- A set of millions of consumers who should get the low-voltage power. The process of moving from high voltage to low voltage also causes a loss of about another 5% of the total.