Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer line of La Salle R&D brings together all the applied research and technology transfer activities, from La Salle Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull.

La Salle R&D activities, well aligned with the University vision, follow a realistic style and sensitive to the evolving environment of the technologies that configure its expertise, in close contact with the industry and current society needs.

With a strong practical orientation and a high capacity of integration within customer business procedures, La Salle R&D offers its services in the areas of acoustics, electronics and communications, human-computer interaction, security and networking, and software; including technology consulting and project development.

La Salle R&D capacities and resources cover from the most preliminary development phases, as design, evaluation and simulation until the last stages of implementation and pre-series prototyping, all under the framework of an ISO9001 compliant management procedures.

La Salle RD belongs to TECNIO Network and has the TECNIO Certification.

The TECNIO certification created by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ, identifies differential applied technology providers and facilitators. The certification:

  • Supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes.
  • Allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services.
  • Increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.
  • Helps raise your competitiveness and technological innovation capacities.