WPLC-Prototype: Wideband Power Line Carrier - Prototype


ENDESA Servicios S.L.

Previous work with Endesa Network Factory S.L. (WPLC-Viability) showed that the high voltage power line channel can be exploited in a more efficient way it is done nowadays. These improvements are basically based on multicarrier modulations and cognitive radio techniques, i.e. on one hand, improving the system robustness against multipath and the highly selective noise scenario and, on the other hand, the use the friendly and unlicensed band that ranges from 500 kHz and beyond. Endesa Network Factory S.L. has shown to be very confident with the obtained results in the previous work, and the next step is the implementation of a real time version of the proposed physical layer. This project will show the real performance of the proposed system when adaptive techniques are deployed. Two multiprocessor software defined radio platforms are used for developing.