evMIC: Multimodal, Immersive and Collaborative Virtual Environments

Company / Financial administration: 

Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (TSI-020301-2009-25)

Entities participating: 

Indra Sistemas, S.A., Telefónica I+D, Vicomtech, Activa Multimedia, SCA Bilbao Tecnocon, UPM-CEDINT, ISEA S.C., Entropy Computational Services, La Salle R&D, UPV-LabHuman, Alecop S.C., Planet Media Studios

The main objective of this project is to create a interoperable, user-centric platform that allows the creation of virtual learning environments, overcoming the current limitations and aligning itself with the current definition of what will be "The Future Internet".
The framework of this project is the so-called Future Internet, and as such it aims to investigate and develop solutions primarily in the Internet of Knowledge and Content, as well as on the Internet of People and to a lesser extent, the Internet of Services.
In the project, our team participates in developing interfaces to interact with the virtual environment involving expressive text-to-speech synthesis, multimodal affect analysis, and 3D avatars modeling and synthesis.

F. Alías