HCI at Mobile Tech and Learning Workshop


Francesc Alías from the HCI area of La Salle R&D attended the "Mobile Technology and Learning Workshoporganized by Kid's Cluster and Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) at Barcelona Activa to find new opportunities between the Education sector and mobile technology providers (the so called mLearing or mEducation). Around 60 people attended the event with complementary profiles: Educations, Technology, Business, etc., including some interesting presentations. More info at the program.  

Francesc Alías participated in the 7th working group together with José Cano (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Xavier Gómez (Editorial Cruïlla), Clara Puigventós (Encís Cooperativa), Anna Pujol (UB and consultant) and Francesc Rambla (Dept. TIC of the Generalitat de Catalunya) (in the rightmost picture presenting the business case of group 7).