ARWC 2014


The growing technology of Augmented Reality has fascinated for the possibilities that offers to the everyday living of people, not only for the sales market and location of information in cities but also for the facilities that brings to the users to do their lives more easy. Probably, next years will be the period when augmented reality will be implemented in our everyday living. Some studies in this field demonstrate that AR market will increase its benefits quickly depending on the habits how we interact with wearable devices.

The accessibility to information through augmented reality (AR) technology is an opportunity to explore it for scientist and developers of wearable devices. It is necessary to analyze social impact, legal and ethics issues. This is a result of the use of personal information in most of cases. Scientists, developers, start-ups and companies are leading a running to find the way how people should interact with the augmented information around their real environment in lot of fields such industry, sales, education, leisure, etc. This workshop is an opportunity to them to show their innovation in studies and projects to reach this target.

The projects must include scientist background for the application of AR in wearable computing devices, also metrics of user experiences and implementation results. Some examples of these devices could be shown in the workshop, such as watches, smart glasses, data-gloves, HMD, etc.

Homepage: http://www.aisti.eu/cisti2014/index.php/en/workshops/arwc