"Augmented Reality for Mass Media" in WIPJam @ MWC14


WPJam @ Mobile World Congress 2014

DEVELOPER WORKSHOP #9: Augmented Reality for Mass Media

Room 3, Level 2, Hall M5
14:00 to 15:00  (2pm to 3pm)

Speakers:  Isidro Navarro, Augmented Reality Barcelona; David Marimon, Catchoom;  Raman Sidhu, Blippar; Esteban Anguita Ruiz, Lab Human; Francesc AlĂ­as Pujol, HCI - La Salle R&D; Andy Gstoll, Wikitude 

Roundtable with some of the important companies in Augmented Reality applications for Mass Media like Publishing and Marketing campaigns. We will talk about how AR impacts in our everyday living, how it allows people to increase their motivation for mobile communication using mobiles or wearable devices like smart glasses. We will also include the point of view of research projects into human-computer interaction from two of the most expertise laboratories in this field (Lab-Human and La Salle R&D).

Web: http://sched.co/1bJGBXI