eVPT (eVirtual Personal Trainer)

Company / Financial administration: 

Spanish Industry, Energy and Tourism Council (TSI-020605-2012-30)


Soluciones Digitales de Movilidad S.L. (Emovilia ©)

Entities participating: 

Nuubo, CAIAC from UAB, Aido and Tic Tac Buy

In this project (2012-2014) a new Web 3.0 ecosystem through a wristband and a mobile application is being designed. The purpose of the designed system is linked to aspects of health, nutrition, physical activity and quality of life, and the user application is intended for being used as a recommender to follow specific guidelines for a healthy living. Human-Computer Interaction area of la Salle RD is involved in the design and implementation of the oral interaction channel, both through the mobile terminal and from the wrist, integrating voice recognition and synthesis. The purpose of use for the oral interaction is insertion of new food intakes or new fitness sessions conducted by a potential user through the use of his/her voice.

Francesc Alías