Tangible interaction and augmented reality

in character animation

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In this work, we present a novel interaction system, which combines tangible interaction and augmented reality for controlling a virtual avatar. By physically interacting with a cube, it is possible to drive avatars motion that occurs in the real world. The cube acts as a motion controller and as an AR marker reaching input and rendering purposes. The cube facilitates users the avatar positioning and motion customization, providing a fine control for both.
In this first version, the avatar is able to stand and move. The current motion state is picked rotating the cube over the same plane where the avatar lies. We have implemented two scenarios in our prototype: a sketch-based controller and an interactive controller. The first one enables users to draw paths on the floor that the avatars follow; on the contrary, the second allows drive avatar's position during all the time. The idea of using tangible objects in augmented reality environments for controlling avatars strengthens the link between the user and the avatar providing a better sense of control and immersion.


  • Adso Fernández-Baena

  • David Miralles


A. Fernández-Baena, D. Miralles. "avatAR: Tangible interaction and augmented reality in character animation" IUI 2014 Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects.  (download)

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