HCI at WIPJam @ MWC14


WPJam @ Mobile World Congress 2014

DEVELOPER WORKSHOP #9: Augmented Reality for Mass Media

Moderator:  Isidro Navarro, Augmented Reality Barcelona and La Salle BCN; 

SpeakersDavid Marimon, Catchoom;  Raman Sidhu, Blippar; Esteban Anguita Ruiz, LabHumanFrancesc AlĂ­as Pujol, HCI La Salle R&D; Andy Gstoll, Wikitude; and, Frank Angermann, Metaio 

HCI was invited to participate in this Workshop at WIPJam in the Mobile World Congress 2014, together with some of the most important companies and labs related to the Augmented Reality (AR) technology to discuss about its applicability to Mass Media on March, 25 2014. We presented our applications related to AR developed within  Seamless Intearction and Signal Processing research lines for several domains, such as: Industry/Home, Education, Health and Accessibility (see the rightmost figure).

After that, the panelists discussed about the application of this technology to the society and shared their vision of  the future trends, including its integration with 'wereables' (e.g., smart glasses), other techonologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), and other ways to augment the real world beyond current image-based approaches.

More information at this link.