La Salle R&D @ Digital4C


La Salle R&D was invited to participate in the Digital4C (pronounced as Digital Foresee). This event aims to be a forum for discussing and presenting innovations in the field of digital content creation in Catalonia. Digital4C was organized as a parallel event to the 2014 Mobile World Congress.

La Salle R&D presented an interactive itinerary called “Toca els bits” (“Touch the bits”), which showed several demonstrative applications developed by the Seamless Interaction researchers of the HCI area. Each application showed a unique and innovative form of interaction with digital content using tangible elements. These included prototypes of the Flexo, the Qbox, the AvatAR projects and the work in progress of Avatoy.


Dozens of professionals and students related to the digital contents creation world touched the demonstratives included in “Toca els bits”. The majority of the participants found the demonstrations surprising and inspiring, and even some of them shared their views of how these ideas could be applied to improve certain aspects of their businesses or personal life.

Here you can find a news item regarding the event (in Catalan).