This is the first participation of La Salle R&D in FI-PPP (Future Internet - Public Private Partnership) program of the Framework Program 7 (FP7), in which FINESCE represents the Smart Energy use case of the FI-PPP second phase. Following the work started by FI-PPP FINSENY, FINESCE will contribute to the development of an open IT-infrastructure to be used to develop and offer new app-based solutions in all fields of the Future Internet related to the energy sector. The consortium, coordinated by Ericsson, includes leading energy and ICT operators, manufacturers and service providers as well as research organisations and SMEs from all over Europe, and now will be extended with La Salle R&D and its proposal for the Smart Grid.

Concretely, the proposal presented, called FINTEGRIS, was selected for expanding the scope of the Smart Grid field trial placed in Ireland and coordinated by the national Irish DSO, ESB. Continuing the developments undertaken in FP7 INTEGRIS project, La Salle R&D aims to integrate the IEC61850 Virtual Distribution Substation (VDS) concept in FINESCE, by means of the communication elements of the IDEV (INTEGRIS Device) prototypes of INTEGRIS.
Furthermore, the proposal has also the objective of integrating several FI-WARE Generic Enablers (GEs) in order to interconnect INTEGRIS testbed with FI-WARE cloud. In this sense, it proposes to build an infrastructure that enables an easy and fast deployment of hybrid cloud platform for DSOs, where they can store locally and privately the information that is more sensitive or delay-critical. On the other hand, through the same platform, they could store in FI-WARE public cloud the applications and information with less constraints.

We will keep you updated of the development and results obtained along the project!