Research and Enterprise Meeting


This is a one-day meeting scheduled within the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival organized by the Barcelona City Council next June, 5th at Barcelona DHUB. 

The aim of the meeting is to collect the feelings, vision and experience of different stakeholders involved in the process of research and innovation in Catalonia together with their medium- to long-term vision. It is key to understand what are actually allowing or avoiding them to collaborate, and how they do perceive the current environment and the challenges and solutions they envision.

Dr. Francesc Alías from La Salle R&D will participate in the Workshop entitled "Catalonia 2022: Emerging sectors and future scenarios" together with:

Oriol Alcoba, Corporate Development, Barcelona Media.

Clara Bartra, Director of the Growth Center Gallina Blanca Star.

Pablo Cironi, Head of the Technological Transfer Department of the Centre for Genomic Regulation 

Vanesa Martínez, CEO of Carinsa.

Ramon Sangüesa, La Mandarina de Newton Sl.

Lourdes Vega, Director of MatGas. 

Montse Vendrell, General Director of Biocat and the Barcelona Science Park.

Xavier Verdaguer, CEO of Imagine Creativity Center

Josep Maria Vilalta, ACUP Executive Secretary


Link: http://festivalcti.bcn.cat/rdi.html

Program: http://festivalcti.bcn.cat/jornada_recerca_i_empresa.pdf (in Catalan).