HCI research on social media tagging published in Information Sciences journal


The article entitled "Look, Listen and Find: a Purely Audiovisual Approach to Online Videos Geotagging", authored by the HCI area researchers Xavier Sevillano, Xavier Valero and Francesc AlĂ­as has been published in the Information Sciences (http://www.journals.elsevier.com/information-sciences) scientific journal. The article describes a novel approach for assigning geographic tags to videos posted online (such as YouTube videos) based on the analysis of its visual and acoustic contents. Tagging social media like videos with the geo-coordinates of the place where they were filmed (i.e. geotagging) enables indexing online multimedia repositories using geographical criteria. The published work proposes a purely audiovisual approach to geotagging based on audiovisual similarity retrieval, modality fusion and cluster density. The optimally configured version of the proposed system is capable of geotagging videos within 1km of their real location at least 4 times more precisely than any of the state-of-the-art competitors. Information Sciences ranks amongst the most renowned journals in the fields of informatics and computer science intelligent systems applications.


The article is available online at: