Most research done in acoustics results in useful applications or devices that are transferred to the engineering community through research projects, being either public or privately funded. In this sense, it is worthwhile mentioning that the acoustic staff has not only long experience in research but also in vibroacoustics engineering. Having worked and being in contact with real life problems facilitates technology transfer to companies wishing to increase their knowledge, or to improve their products. Our expertise in technology transfer mainly involves experimental, theoretical and numerical vibroacoustics to be applied in sectors such as automotive, railways, aeronautic, industrial or building. Besides, at La Salle we also benefit from several facilities in our AcousticsLab and from the latest technological equipment. Tailored specific courses are offered as well.

Acoustics Oriol Guasch oguasch@salle.url.edu

Most relevant projects


Extensive UNIfied-domain SimulatiON of the human voice

Acoustics - Numerical voice generation
HCI - Signal processing

VITRASO: Theoretical, experimental and numerical methods for transmission path analysis in buildings.

The Project has consisted in comparing results from finite element (FEM), hybrid and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) numerical models with measurements on test facilities and with in-situ measure

Acoustics - Experimental and numerical vibroacoustics

Megaultraphone: megaphones based on parametric array technology

The Project has led to the development of a new class of megaphones based on parametric array technology.

Acoustics - Parametric arrays

Ultramòbil: Ultrasound transducers for portable devices.

The use of parametric array technology allows generating limited zones of audible sound without needing to resort to physical barriers to separate different audio environments.

Acoustics - Parametric arrays

Course on CFD and CAA

An introduction to fluid mechanics, aeroacoustics, numerical methods for PDEs and turbulence modelling in CFD


Mathematical aspects concerning errors in the use of control microphones

Acoustics - Experimental and numerical vibroacoustics