Electronics & Communications


The electronics and communications area brings together all the applied research and technology transfer activities related to the design and development in the electronic and communication fields of La Salle R&D. The area offers its services in the flavors of technology consulting and turnkey projects to its clients. The electronics and communications area capacities and resources cover from the most preliminary development phases, as design, evaluation and simulation until the last stages of implementation and pre-series prototyping. Area applications: · Signal processing and communications systems, from the custom development of real time radio systems to industrial environments communications solutions. · Embedded electronic industrial and radiolocation systems based on from stand-alone low cost microcontrollers to ARM and x86 cores with Linux. · Consumer applications control systems based on tactile and graphical interfaces. · Electromagnetic studies and measurements. · Energy consumption control and biometric measurements using wireless sensor networks. · Smart fabrics.

Electronics & Communications Ricard Aquilue raquilue@salleurl.edu
Most relevant projects

UXA System

End consumers do not have real time information about how much energy they are consuming, when and how.

Surface printer header control

Surface printer header control system design and development consisting on 36 distributed header control boards fully synchronized by optical fiber based on Freescale MX21/25 processors.

Wideband Power-Line Carrier: Viability analysis

Since the beginning of 20th century, the power line high voltage (HV) network has been exploited as a communications medium.

Communications - Multicarrier and spread-spectrum systems

Automatic Meter Reading System: Physical Layer Specification

The introduction of an automatic meter reading (AMR) system can offer several advantages related to the capacity of sending and receiving data between the customer and the electrical utility.

Communications - Multicarrier and spread-spectrum systems

WPLC-Prototype: Wideband Power Line Carrier - Prototype

Previous work with Endesa Network Factory S.L. (WPLC-Viability) showed that the high voltage power line channel can be exploited in a more efficient way it is done nowadays.

Communications - Multicarrier and spread-spectrum systems


Design and development of a small transmitter device in order to optimizing in time and cost the stock management.