The technological era that we are living today is the driving force behind innovation and the use of new technologies. The La Salle Software department is dedicated to the creating, promoting and spreading knowledge in the field of Computer Engineering.
Our aim is to cover all the needs that arise in the development of a project, from its initial requirement study to the final creation of the system in the market (of the client). Our project experience to date has been focused on Microsoft technologies: NET, Flex, Android, .Net, Html5, iOS
In this sense, our everyday duties are split between research and technology transfer; thus contributing to a global and continuous improvement for our society.

Software Marc Campmany marcc@salle.url.edu
Most relevant projects


La Factoria - Desarrollo plataforma educativa

An educational Project developed with HTML5 and Objective-C. Migration and adaptation for mobile devices from their web version to Android and iOS platforms through Phonegap technology.


A multidisciplinary Project which combines different technologies by means of a client-server architecture (webapp has been used, native programming in mobile devices iPhone and Nokia).


The creation of a web platform which enables a company or a home to calculate energy consumption and to monitor its movements, identifying energy patterns and even anticipating the consumption of t


We have developed a web platform, which includes all utilities art for people with disabilities.

HCI - User experience


A user station for the Exchange of electronic documents through companies (EDI-Electronic Data Interchange). The use of digital certificates and signatures.

INTEGRIS (INTElligent GRId Sensor communications)

Proyecto europeo FP7 centrado en las comunicaciones heterogéneas wireless + PLC para la red de distribución eléctrica desarrollando un elemento centralizador de las comunicaciones que soluciona el

Decision support systems - DataMining & Machine learning
Redes - Next Generation Networks in Smart Grids
Redes - CyberSecurity
Smart Cities - Future Network Architectures
Smart Cities - Utilities